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STEMSEL Controller Board

The amazing embedded learning kit

A microcontroller platform that allows anyone without any prior coding experience or engineering knowledge to learn about digital technology and embedded system through Flowchart programming.

Simple & Robust Design

Intuitive embedded learning kits

The I/O connection of STEMSEL Controller Board use screw terminal block . All I/O components are soldered properly with standard coloured wires. Students can directly connect the components using a screwdriver. 

Learn Programming using Ezy Flowchart System

  • Intuitive ways to learn basic programming logics and concepts
  • No prior programming experience needed
  • The simplest way to teach you programming as flowchart is the primitive way to learn any programming language.
  • The best starting platform to understand what is inside a microcontroller and how it works.
  • Prototyping your ideas rapidly   

Educational Kits Primary School Secondary/High School University/College Industry
Students of 9 years old and above can easily grasp programming logic using Flowchart which the actual visual representation of how program works. Furthermore, improve students understanding of science curriculum from joining our program
Correlate to science, physics & engineering from project-oriented workshops which will introduce numerous types of components and modules. Expose to basic and advanced concept of digital technology. Microchip PIC provides strong community for hobbyists.
Straightaway can progress to C-language which is a popular high-level language. Followed assembly language which increases systems’ efficiency and executions. Master concept of Embedded systems, configurations and terminology which are required to progress into industry.
Rapid Prototyping & Design products for industry and consumer due to low cost. Easier to follow industries due to being equppied with abundant knowledge on embedded systems required for industrial processors such as ARM, Intel and Snapdragon
Challenging to learn without the aid of blocks programming, learning curve can be difficult except for passionate kids. Proper guidance is necessary to kickstart their programming.
Students without prior programming concept will struggle when learning this platform for the first time.  Emphasize on C-language to access other components and modules.
Suitable to learn electronics & C-alike programming language but lack in-depth understanding of embedded configurations and architecture. Certain Universities may forbid due to the over-simplified learning platform
Can be used for prototyping or Proof of concept project. Depends on acceptability by certain industries or group of consumers. May lack the fundamentals of embedded systems
Suitable for kids as they are colorful and made of combinational blocks/modules. Good attraction for their interest but hardware affordability might be an issue.
Optimum age to learn STEM and robotic concept in their schools. However, require being enrolled into prestigious schools that already adopted as part of their co-curiculum and only open to talented kids.
Only some institutes still use this platform to learn basic robotics concept. Tedious in implementing a prototype. Huge gap for students to progress to industrial engineering
Impractical to implement ideas, prototypes or applications in industry. Primarily due to high cost of hardware and lack of customizability.

Why is it important to start early?

Traditional spoon-feeding education will only shape our mindsets to follow instructions, making us think less creatively. We also develop a resistance to accepting new learning materials or adapt to changes as we grow older. The charts on the left show decline of creativity potential against age. 


Learn STEM with Engineering Tools

Well Equipped Training Lab

Our classroom is equipped with state of the art engineering tools because we believe helping students to understand facts by proving them quantitatively is better than just accepting it.

Hands on practice makes perfect

Our program involves hardware & software engineering skills

Having STEM knowledge is insufficient in this competitive world, every single student will gain real-world engineering skills via hands-on activities in our STEMSEL program.

What can STEMSEL do?

STEMSEL Training Programs


Flowchart allows Learning without Computer

Training Program. Example Projects

Source of Light

STEMSEL Inspection Capture the Monster Traffic Light Robot Skin Contact Anti Theft Alarm Hear Our Breath Washing Machine Smoke Alarm Alcohol Breathalyzer
Robotic Lung Fish Gills Windscreen Wiper Helping Sunflower Thirsty Plant  Venus Fly Trap Battery Health Car Proximity Alarm Egg Incubator Smart Street Light
Quarry Mining Human Conductor Windmill Heat Conductivity Treasure Hunting Security Door Fridge Alarm Relay Electromagnet Sensor Tap
Flood Alarm DIY DC Motor Musical Buzzer Bicycle Indicator Solar Energy Motor Boat   DIY Owl  Mouse Trap

Battery Indicator

Radiation Counter

Join Our EXCLUSIVE Training Program !!!

Trial Session

  • 2 hour Session

After School Workshop (Monthly)

  • 4 Weekly Sessions
  • Attend our Trial Session for Cash Rebate RM40 OFF

Level 1 Package (3 Months)

  • 12 Weekly Sessions
  • 5% Discount Voucher for 1 x STEMSEL Kitset
  • Follow up: Level 2, Level 3

Holiday Programs!

STEMSEL School Holiday Program

  • Pick your Intake
  • 17 March – 19 March 2018 (10AM to 4PM)
  • 20 March – 22 March 2018 (10AM to 4PM)
  • 23 March – 25 March 2018 (10AM to 4PM)

Get your own Training Kits!

Starter Kit

RM199per set
  • 1 unit of STEMSEL Controller
  • 1 unit of USB Programming Cable
  • 1 unit of Screwdriver

Standard Kit

RM260per set
  • 1 unit of STEMSEL Controller
  • Includes USB Programming Cable & Battery Pack
  • Includes LDR sensor, Thermistor sensor, Potentiometer, Push Button
  • DC Motor and Fan Blade, Light Bulb, Red LED, Green LED, Yellow LED, Buzzer
  • 1 unit of Screwdriver

Advanced Kit

RM350per set
  • 1 unit of STEMSEL Controller
  • Includes USB Programming Cable & Battery Pack
  • Includes LDR sensor, Thermistor sensor, Potentiometer, Push Button
  • DC Motor and Fan Blade, Light Bulb, Red LED, Green LED, Yellow LED, Buzzer, LCD Module, Servo Motor , Relay Module
  • 1 unit of Screwdriver

Premium Kit

RM420per set
  • 1 unit of STEMSEL Controller
  • 1 unit of USB Programming Cable
  • Includes LDR sensor, Thermistor sensor, Potentiometer, Push Button, Smoke Sensor, Infrared Sensor, Sound Sensor
  • DC Motor and Fan Blade, Light Bulb, Red LED, Green LED, Yellow LED, Buzzer, RGB LED, Relay, Servo Motor, LCD Module
  • 1 unit of Screwdriver, 1 unit of Digital Multimeter